Tiny Hamster Goes on a Tiny Date [VIDEO]
Tiny Hamster is Back! This time our fuzzy friend is going a tiny date to a romantic Italian restaurant to celebrate Valentine's Day. Tiny Hamster is an international internet superstar loved the world over. The first time we saw him he was eating a tiny burrito and things took off from there.
This Is the Easiest Way to Dress Up Your Hamster
Stop wasting all your time making hand-sewn costumes for your hamster. Do this instead. You'll save time, and it appears that there's a chance a hamster will even enjoy this, unlike that tiny train conductor uniform you spend 46 hours on.
Beaverton Police Take Hamster Into Protective Custody
Pulling over a driver suspected of being impaired is unfortunately far too common for most police officers.
Having to take a hamster into protective custody, on the other hand, is somewhat outside the usual scope of police duty. And yet, in Beaverton, OR, they were called on to do just that.