Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Was Nervous About Playing X-24 in ‘Logan’
One of the most impressive parts about Logan was one of its most closely guarded secrets: Hugh Jackman not only played the title character, he played his evil double too; a perfect clone of Wolverine known as X-24. This new character wasn’t featured in any of the marketing materials or even a…
What Hollywood Should Learn From ‘Logan’s R Rating
When Logan arrives on Blu-ray next week, it will include one of the better bonus features in recent home entertainment history: A black and white cut of the film called Logan Noir, which made its premiere last night at a special screening at Brooklyn’s Alamo Drafthouse. The Noir cut looks gre…
Hugh Jackman Reveals Official ‘Wolverine 3’ Title
Well Hugh Jackman did say there was some stuff about Wolverine 3 coming “in the next week or so.” He is a mutant of his word! The Movie Formerly Referred to as Wolverine 3 has an official title, unveiled by Jackman himself on his Twitter account:
‘Wolverine 3’ Begins Filming, Confirmed to be Rated R
While Hugh Jackman and Wolverine make only a very brief appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse, the Oscar-nominated actor and his popular mutant alter ego are returning for Wolverine 3, the upcoming sequel that will serve as Jackman’s last. From the Apocalypse press day in London, we have some new details …

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