Guy Drops Brand New iPhone on Live T.V. [VIDEO]
This guy spent hours maybe even days standing in line to be one of the first to buy the new iPhone 6. As a matter of fact he was the very first in Perth, Australia to owe an iPhone 6. He had it for all of a few minutes before he dropped it while being interviewed on live T.V.
Blue Man Group Unboxes the New iPhone 6 [VIDEO]
I still don't get all the hype about the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, what's the big deal? To me it's just another phone and gadget that I could really care less about. I'm obviously in the minority here because people are going absolutely crazy to get their hands on them. There…
The Apple Watch Parody Commercial [VIDEO]
You have to see this funny parody commercial of the new Apple Watch. By now I'm sure you've heard all about Apple's new iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. We're still learning about the amazing things these devices can do there's still a lot of questions.

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