Win Free Tickets to Lawton’s Super Fight Night!
It's time to separate the mouthy from the mighty! Get ready for Lawton's "Super Fight Night" coming to the Great Plains Coliseum Saturday, February 10th (02-10-18) featuring pro and amateur M.M.A. fights with "Fists of Fury" and the "Original To…
MMA Beer Belly Bad Boy Roy “Big Country” Nelson [VIDEO]
Never judge a book by it's cover. This is a lesson several people have learned the hard way in the octagon when going up against Roy "Big Country" Nelson. He's an MMA fighter and to look at him you wouldn't think he was in shape or was capable of fighting the way he does. He's got a beer b…
62 Year Old Man Wins His First MMA Fight With a KO [VIDEO]
Watch as this 62 year old man enters the ring and wins his first MMA fight with a KO! Wayne "Kung Fu" Smallwood has been a professional fighter and boxer for most of his life and in his sixties can still hit hard and put his opponents on the ground.
Meet the Tapout Crew [VIDEO]
Not everybody that wears Tapout clothing is a giant douchebag, but all douchebags wear Tapout clothing! Or at least that's been my experience anyway. Sadly this video is more truth than fiction. I've actually witnessed similar interactions with people wearing Tapout or other MMA clothing j…
MMA Legend Bas Rutten Stitches Himeself Up at Home [NSFW VIDEO]
We all know MMA fighters are tough, they have to be to do what they do. Not just anyone can jump in the octagon and throw punches, these guys are a different breed. They're not just tough during the fight, they're tough at home too. Check out MMA legend Bas Rutten as he stitches up his own…
Team Fighting Championship 5 Vs 5 MMA Fight! [VIDEO]
It's one of the most insane sports spectacles captured on video! The TFC (Team Fighting Championship) 5 Vs. 5 MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight. This is fight one of the TFC Event one featuring: The (LPH) of Poznan, Poland Vs. The (Wisemen) of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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