Slow Jerk- An Office Joke That Went Too Far [VIDEO]
One of the funniest sketches from WKYK (The Whitest Kids U Know) comedy troupe. Damn I miss this show. I guess they've done a few specials and have a new album out "High in Church" but it's overdue to get them back on T.V. and running full episodes and seasons.
How to Annoy and Waste the Time of Phone Scammers [VIDEO]
This guy expertly shows you step by step how to really piss off and waste the time of phone scammers. We've all gotten the calls on how to lower interest rates on credit cards, or the famous you've won a large sum of money, I just need your personal information to transfer the money to your account.…
The Hot Model Boner Prank! NSFW [VIDEO]
Absolutely hilarious! See what happens when hot models are invited to a photo shoot and the camera assistant or lighting guy can't keep his junk in check. The reactions are priceless. These poor women don't know if they should be flattered or run for their lives!
Indoor Fireworks- The Popper Prank [VIDEO]
Payback's a b!t@h! Last week Kelso finally pranked me, he threw a popper at me in my office. You know those little fireworks that you throw on the ground and they pop. If you haven't seen the video yet check it out. Now these poppers aren't the small waste of time and money we've all fallen victim t…
The Epic Ketchup Bomb Prank! [VIDEO]
It's a real classic. Behold the ketchup bottle bomb prank in all it's glory! If you've never done this, then you haven't lived! Watch as this unsuspecting wife returns to the house for a bowl of chips, or fries that her loving boyfriend made for her. What a nice guy.

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