Meet JIBO – The World’s First Family Robot [VIDEO]
The day had finally arrived were technology has advanced to the point where a person can own their own robot! Not just any robot, JIBO the world's first family robot. Unlike a lot of the other attempts at robotics in the past, JIBO is actually very useful and has all kinds of real world po…
Meet Boomer the Baby Robot Dinosaur [VIDEO]
Damn it, I want one! If these are ever available to purchase I'll have one running around the Z94 studios. Hopefully I can teach it to attack and bite the ankles of my co-workers, or even the boss! Meet Boomer the toy robot dinosaur.
Massage Robot On Wheels Could Disrupt Massage Industry, Or Not
Robot technology is often spectacular when's it's on full display, like the Mars rover, military drones and the Roomba. These incredible machines often complete tasks that humans can only hope to achieve. One company is putting robotic technology to its best use yet: providing automated ma…

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