Scary Snowman

The Scary Snowman Halloween Special [VIDEO]
He's back! Everyone's favorite frozen, frosty friend. Not Frosty, Scary Snowman! It might not be snowing yet, but that hasn't stopped Scary Snowman from hitting the streets and terrorizing anyone and everyone that happens to walk by. Watch the Halloween  special and see the …
Scary Snowman St. Patrick’s Day Edition [VIDEO]
Scary Snowman is back and just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Watch as he scares up some fun and terrorizes the general public, more like green beer drunks. Every holiday is better when scary snowman's around. Have a happy and safe St. Paddy's Day!
Scary Snowman’s Valentine’s Day Prank! [VIDEO]
The Scary Snowman is back! This time around he's got some extra special Valentine's Day scares for you. While most see this holiday as a romantic time filled with cheesy cards, flowers, chocolates and dinners. Scary Snowman knows this is the perfect time to pull scare pranks! No one expect…