YouTube Secrets Revealed! [VIDEO]
We spend a lot of time here at the office searching YouTube for funny, entertaining and on rare occasions educational videos. While most people get in trouble if they hit the web for anything unrelated to their job at work, we're actually encouraged to. I know, I know my job sucks!
Do You Have a Secret Email Address? — Survey of the Day
Given the simplicity of signing up for an email account, most folks end up having multiple email addresses. Some are for business, others for friends and family, and it's a good idea to have one to use for offers that may result in a deluge of spam.
Then there is the most controversial …
Thanksgiving Roundup – Secrets, Tips, Recipes and More
4tnz / Thinkstock / Mike Sprague, AFP, Getty Images
Finally, everything you're looking for about Thanksgiving — from the stories behind the holiday to awesome costumes to dress up your pets — is all in one place. If you need to throw together a last-minute feast, wow dinner guests with facts about Th…