Dragon Ball Sheep [VIDEO]
This has to be one of the greatest finds on YouTube this week. Behold Dragon Ball Sheep! The hilariously demented minds over at YouTube channel Hollopee have successfully created the world's first Dragon Ball Z fan film with sheep. That's right sheep!
The Screaming Sheep Acts the Way You Feel
We're all feeling it. Only this sheep is brave enough to express it. Because if you screamed like this in the office or at school, something bad would probably happen. We're not sure what, because nobody's ever done it. Thank you, sheep. Thank you...
Sheep Dresses Like a Lady for Halloween
Discovering a Pikachu pug or a Rabbi cat will never, ever get old. We have absolutely no explanation regarding this adorably aww-worthy obsession, but we’re pretty sure most of you will agree with us. But why does it seem like we limit our dressing-up-pets possibilities to dogs, cats and the occasio…
Does This Sheep Have An Upside-Down Head?
"Mother nature is a MAD scientist," said Kramer of Seinfeld fame. And it looks like we may be seeing some of her strange alchemy on an English farm, where there appears to be a sheep with an upside-down head.
Poor, Poor Ci the Sheepdog Is Scared of Sheep [VIDEO]
Counting sheep is a relaxing way to fall asleep, unless you’re Ci the border collie, in which case it would most likely lead to frightening night terrors. Ci may technically be a sheepdog, but he’s also afraid of sheep, a fear that dates all the way back to puppyhood. According to his 54-year-old ow…