Kickboxer Knocks Himself Out
It takes a combination of strength, stamina, precision and skill to knock out your opponent in the ring. But it takes a special kind of athlete to knock yourself out.
Legendary College Football Coach Joe Paterno Passes Away At 85
The sports world and college football has lost a true legend, Joe Paterno, former Penn State football coach, passed away Sunday at the age of 85. Coach Paterno holds the record for the most victories by an NCAA Division I Football Bowl history with 409 and all of them came at Penn. St University. Co…
Virginia Girl Shows She Can Play Football Too [VIDEO]
When it comes to sports these days, anything a boy can do a girl can do too. Seems like every high school football season there are more and more stories about girls playing football and playing it well.
Meet Meghan Cox from Lee High School in Virginia, a  standout on the girl's socc…
Security Guard Dances Up A Storm In Tampa[VIDEO]
It seems at sporting events the mascots always pick on the Security Guards that are trying to do their jobs and keep the players safe. Well one Security Guard in Tampa finally decided to play along and after further research it seems he is a repeat offender !