spring break

Spring Break Prank- Spring Break Sluts! [VIDEO]
Another great prank pulled at Spring break! This time pranksters are posing as a fake film crew out on the beach trolling for hot chicks. Once spotted they ask the girls if they'd  like to be featured in a Spring break documentary. Of course they say yes, after signing the waivers to be in…
Spring Break Ideas
Spring Break is here and the kids are excited! However, parents are desperate. You are now given a full week where you are forced to have to do SOMETHING so your kids won't destroy the house.
3 Offbeat Spring Break Ideas
There’s more to spring break than swim-up bars and hangovers. From yoga retreats to dog-sledding to getting your hands dirty, try one of these getaway alternatives.
Relax and renew
Skip high-paced party destinations in favor of a getaway that’s refreshing for the b…