Twerking Stormtroopers? [VIDEO]
Sure there's plenty of twerking videos out there, but only one with Stormtroopers! It never fails to amaze me the strange stuff you can find while not looking. This little nugget of internet gold surfaced earlier this morning when watching GTA V videos online.
Twerking Around The Christmas Tree [VIDEO]
It's sure to be the next big Christmas hit, 'Twerking Around The Christmas Tree'. If not the song, the video is sure to be a big hit. Or at least around certain circles anyway. What's not to like? Hot chicks twerking and dancing around spreading a little holiday cheer! Christmas …
Burlesque Dancer Twerks to Beethoven! [VIDEO]
I'm inspired, truly inspired! It's not every day you find a video like this online. This has to be the greatest, most memorizing, ass-tounding twerking video in the history of mankind! The video features Michelle L’Amour a Chicago based burlesque dancer with an unusual, yet artistic ability. She per…