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The 10 Craziest Christmas-Themed Video Games
Christmas-themed video games might seem like the best way for developers to cash in on the holiday season, but there's a conspicuous lack of these titles on the market. Believe it or not, this is a good thing, because the vast majority of Christmas games to date have been pretty bad and, what&a…
Halo 4 DLC- Crimson Map Pack Details
Dec. 10 is going to be a big day for Halo 4 and 343 Industries.
Not only will we see the new Spartan Ops weekly and the new weekly mode "Extraction" we will also see the first map pack of the game titled "Crimson Map Pack."
This pack will come with three new maps as…
Halo 4 Free For All Winners Announced!
The Free for all War Games have ended and we have our surviving Spartan. Our survivors are walking away with prizes and bragging rights as the best Lone Wolf Spartans in our tournament.
10 Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies
Over the years, Hollywood has taught us one thing -- it's easy to churn out movies based on video games, but a whole lot more difficult to make them watchable. For every semi-decent 'Resident Evil' or 'Tomb Raider' flick, there's a stinker like 'Silent Hill,' …
Halo 4 Review
Last week we saw the return of Master Chief after a five year absence in the Halo series. The franchise is now under the helm of 343 Industries with their first title Halo 4. We have not seen Spartan 117 since Halo 3 back in 2007. The series was originally created and ran by Bungie until 2010 with H…
The 15 Best Video Game Easter Eggs
Discovering a video game Easter egg on your own can be a blast, but, let's face it, doing so requires an awful lot of work. So, to spare you the hassle of hours of repetitive gameplay, we've compiled the 15 coolest Easter eggs right here. Consider this an early Christmas present.
‘Mass Effect’ Movie Pushes Ahead With New Writer
'Mass Effect 3,' the immensely popular third installment of the video game series, sold about 1.3 million copies across all gaming platforms within its first month and quickly became the year's bestselling video game. So it only makes sense that Legendary Entertainment would want to adapt this hit v…

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