Walking Dead

Help Support Disabled Zombies PSA [VIDEO]
I never really thought about disabled zombies before. Maybe I'm callous and insensitive, but thanks to this disabled zombie PSA commercial I now see and understand what I overlooked before. Zombies are people too, well they use to be people anyway. It makes sense that when the zombie apocalypse happ…
‘The Walking Dead’s’ Best Kills
Killing zombies is a problem. A TV show about zombies has to kill the undead every week in new and inventive ways.  It would be easy for writers to get lazy about penning cool ways for zombies to die. Again.
Zombie-fy Yourself With New ‘Walking Dead’ Facebook Tool
Being a zombie on Facebook seems a lot more appealing than being one in real life. And thanks to AMC, it’s super easy.
In fact, all you have to do to get a highly-detailed zombie version of yourself is visit the Facebook page for the AMC series ‘The Walking Dead.&CloseCurlyQuote…