Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! Hard to believe the big game is this weekend along with my unhealthy diet of cheese nachos, chili and junk food. Damn how I love Super Bowl Sunday! For me it's more about the party and killer eats than anything else. Sure the game's usually pretty good and the commercials and half time show are entertaining, but there's more to Super Bowl Sunday than just football for me.

It's almost sacrilegious to say around this part of the country, but I'm just not a big football fan. Don't get me wrong I'll watch it from time to time and enjoy some games, but hockey is my sport. Everything else is just dull and boring when compared to the NHL. While I wait for the Stanley Cup the Super Bowl is the next best thing.

So If like myself you haven't been paying attention to this year's NFL season or aren't the biggest football fan out there the good people at ESPN have put together a short video to get us caught up on what's going on before the big game.

Before the Seahawks and Broncos square off hit play and get caught up on what's been going on in the NFL and what lead to this match up. It's the entire 2013 NFL season in 160 seconds.