Anyone who knows me knows my love of coffee and the gallons I consume on a daily basis. I'll go through 5 or 6 pots a day easy, sometimes more. When I'm at work you rarely see me without a cup of Joe, hell they had to quadruple the coffee budget when they hired me.

As much coffee as I drink, for me this could be one of the greatest inventions of the twenty first century! Introducing the all new TopBrewer 'Coffee Faucet' by Scanomat. That's right a coffee faucet, it's what every home needs especially my home. This thing does it all from coffee to espresso, cappuccino and more! What's even cooler is you can control it with an I-Phone. I don't have an I-Phone but if I had a 'Coffee Faucet' I'd get one. Take a look for yourself at just how far mankind has come with the all new 'Coffee Faucet'.