We all love our smart phones. No, scratch that- I personally am addicted to my smart phone. I get updates if new album is dropping, I take notes on my phone, I can record interviews if I am out and about. Pictures and videos of my kids are just a click away. I have too many apps on my phone and if I had to pick the top 6 apps I must have then this is what my list would look like.

Check out the list!

  • 1

    Mad Men Cocktail Culture

    If you are serious about TV shows, I am sure you have heard and watched Mad Men- one of the best TV shows on TV right now, by the way. I like this app because it teaches you how to make better cocktails. If you want to learn whether you shake or stir a Martini, then this is an app you should check out!

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  • 2

    2012 Pocket Bracket: Men's College Basketball

    I love to always know what's going on with my favorite team, especially when it comes to basketball, that's why I think this app is very easy to navigate. And it also lets you create a bracket even if a tournament has started. If you are serious about March Madness then this is a must have app.

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  • 3

    Men vs Machines

    This game has mind blowing graphics! The game takes place in year 24AD where men fight against machines to survive. You can pick any weapon from an insane arsenal. Another cool reason why I recommend this game, you can add your Facebook friends and play along side with them.

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  • 4

    Open Table Free

    Say you decide to go out with your 'old lady' on Friday night- drive all the way to Oklahoma City or Dallas, and you get there just to realize that you have to wait an hour to get a table at a nice restaurant. This little app lets you make free restaurant reservations to more than 20,000 restaurants. You can also search restaurants by location, name, food preferences.

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  • 5


    For all of you who are always on your Facebook and Tweeter, this app lets you have multiple timelines, comes with great graphics and sound and animation. It's pretty slick and cool to play around with.

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  • 6


    This is by far the best travel app out there. It was recently voted as one of the top 50 apps of all time in Apple's Hall of Fame. It comes with amazing pictures from virtually any place in the world. It's a great learning tool if you want to expand on your geographical knowledge or simply enjoy flipping through the millions of photos.

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