I have been a Beatles' fan since before I could walk and a few nights ago I got to see the closest thing I will ever see to The Beatles when I attended the 1964 The Tribute concert at the Hudson Performance Hall in Oklahoma City.

This Beatles' tribute band has been touring the world for 30 years and has performed over 2900 shows. Rolling Stone Magazine has called 1964 The Tribute the "Best Beatles Tribute on Earth". And I would have to agree. This was the first time I have ever seen a Beatles' Tribute band in person and I was not disappointed.

The four band members are so in sync with each other and are true 'master's of their craft' after 25 years of researching and performing.It was a great performance and if you ever get the chance to see 1964 The Tribute live in concert do not miss your chance. They will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City, NY for the 50th Anniversary Celebration on January 11th 2014. To see 1964 The Tribute's schedule visit their official site.