If you haven't heard of zombie Pranksters, well you really aren't missing much. Sufficeth to say that they are a couple of morons who thought it would be funny to pull pranks on an unsuspecting public and film the reaction. However, the dimwitted duo's latest jest has landed them in jail. Find out why. The Zombie Pranksters who's main stars are two young men in their 20's from Florida. Yes, the same state that has given us the Trayvon Martin controversy, a real flesh eating zombie man, and a gun wielding grandpa. One fine, sunny day these two fine upstanding lads decided it would be the bees knees if one dressed up in a nice suit while talking on a cellphone. Then approach an innocent citizen, claim to be a Russian hit-man, and leave a brief claiming it contained a bomb.

It seems that is where, to their shock and surprise, the prank stopped being funny because it turns out they did not count on one small factor. The human fight or flight response...you know that big kick of adrenaline that courses through a persons veins when challenged with a potential threat. That same response that allows even the meekest of people to perform super human feats of strength, yeah that one.

Instead of the innocent person running in the opposite direction, he charges one half of the Zombie Prankster crew and proceeds to beat the crap out of him. When the man has finished landing a few good licks he then turns his attention to the other half, the cameraman. Who pleads with the now enraged citizen to stop hitting them and to just chill out.

When the police finally arrive to the scene of the prank gone awry the police are informed that the two gentleman convinced the citizen that he was in immanent danger because of a bomb. The police then informed the pranksters that are now under arrest for making a bomb threat and possessing a fake bomb. Oops! Watch the Video!