Finally there's an app actually worth having! Activision has recently teamed up with Bad Robot Interactive for a FREE UPDATE to the Action Movie F.X. app for Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod! The update will transform your everyday surroundings and homemade videos into a virtual battlefield!

The new app allows you to put weapons, killstreaks and all kinds of other effects from Call Of Duty: Black Ops II into your videos. Just imagine all the fun you could have shooting videos of different things, places and even people, then use the app to add a little action. The possibilities are endless!

Click here for details and to download the new update. After you have Action Movie F.X. and the 2.1 Black Ops II update installed you can get started creating your very own action movies! Speaking for myself I can hardly wait to destroy those places and persons whom I dislike most. My first target for mass destruction? Wal-Mart! I'll wreak havoc in the isles and on poor unsuspecting shoppers with an arsenal of futuristic weapons as I battle my way to the check out line and continue my quest for total domination! That's just the beginning...Check out the video!