While I enjoy all forms of auto racing, quarter mile is where it's at! I love drag racing, from street rods to top fuel there's nothing like it. There's something about point A to point B in a big hurry that puts a big smile on my face. Recently at the 2014 Circle K NHRA Winternationals driver Ron Capps had a major engine failure on his NAPA funny car. The result was a huge explosion and a death defying ride down the strip!

This video shows the accident from not only outside, but inside the funny car. I can't even imagine the noise, heat and sheer terror of something like this. These cars can produce over 8,000 horsepower, 7,000 pounds of torque and pull 6-G's off the launch. They can make the trip to the quarter mile line in under 4 seconds, now that's moving down the track! When everything goes right it's a wonderful sight to behold, when it goes wrong it's a catastrophic disaster. Ron Capps is a lucky. lucky man to have walked away.