Figure Eight Racing- A Whole New Level of Insanity! [VIDEO]
As if auto racing wasn't crazy and dangerous enough already these guys take it to a whole new level of insanity with the World Figure 8 Enduro Race at the Indianapolis Speedrome. It's a 3 hour race, there's no telling how many accidents happened the video is of the first opening laps.…
The World’s Fastest Digger [VIDEO]
When it comes to earthmovers there's only one that holds the world speed record reaching speeds up to 115mph with a 1300hp blown 572 big block Chevy. The JCB-GT is one seriously bad a** backhoe! Recently it was entered into the Guinness World Records as the fastest backhoe in the world.
Amazing Drag Racing Explosion [VIDEO]
While I enjoy all forms of auto racing, quarter mile is where it's at! I love drag racing, from street rods to top fuel there's nothing like it. There's something about point A to point B in a big hurry that puts a big smile on my face. Recently at the 2014 Circle K NHRA Winternationals driver Ron C…

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