Since release all I've been doing is playing Call Of Duty: Ghosts online multi-player! I took a short break from double X.P. weekend to give my thumbs a rest and share a funny montage. One of the first of many that will be posted to YouTube in the coming months. This one highlights some hilarious deaths, ninja defuses and just general funny game play. I love these funtage videos!

It was created and posted by VanossGaming hit play and get ready to laugh! WARNING [NSFW] These guys have potty mouths, like all COD players. If you're offended by adult language move along, otherwise enjoy the video! Don't forget about our Call Of Duty: Ghosts tournament coming up on (11-16-13) That's this Saturday at the Great Plains Coliseum 'Prairie Room'. Get all the details and get signed up today, just click here!