Douchebag Style Through The Ages [VIDEO]
You can't always immediately spot a douchebag, however more often than not douchebags share several key characteristics. Knowing what to look for is essential to avoiding any social interaction with this subhuman waste of flesh.
How to Mispronounce Words [VIDEO]
I don't know about you, but I make regular use of "How to Pronounce" videos on Youtube and Google. It's a fast and convenient way to see a word phonetically spelled out and spoken out loud that makes it clear and easy.
Timmy’s Dying Wish a Five Second Short Film [VIDEO]
Another winner from 5secondfilms YouTube channel! Watch this epic magnum opus of film making simply titled: "Timmy's Dying Wish." It's a moving, sweeping journey of the human condition, love, family, life, desperation and a dying child's wish that's sure to hit …
Introducing Amazon Echo for Southerners [VIDEO]
I wish this was available when I got mine. Introducing the all new Amazon Alexa for Southerners! I know when I got mine it took awhile for Alexa to understand me, she was constantly repeating herself or would verbally auto-correct what I was saying into what she thought I was saying. Needless to say…
Alexa Accidentally Outs Gamer During Live Stream [VIDEO]
If you're using Alexa you've probably already had some interesting if not embarrassing moments. While it's definitely incredible technology is certainly isn't without it's faults. From unexpectedly turning on, saying or playing incorrect requests, filling your Amazon shoppin…

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