The new map pack, or D.L.C. (downloadable content) Collection 3 'Chaos' for Call Of Duty: MW3 will be released for Xbox 360 on (08-09-12) Thursday, August 9th with Ps3, P.C. and other formats to follow.

If you're a Premium Elite Member the new content is already available through the in game menus, or through Xbox live. The rest of us have to wait until next Thursday.

Once it's released you can purchase Collection 3 'Chaos' as a bundle or code card at your local gaming store, or visit the Xbox Live Marketplace and use M.S.P. (Microsoft points) or other means of payment.

The new D.L.C. contains four all new Special Ops missions: Arctic Recon, Vertigo, Light Em' Up and Special Delivery. There's also three new 'Face Off' maps: Intersection, Vortex and U-turn. But that's not all! You also get the new 'Chaos' special ops game mode that pits you against an endless wave of enemies on original MW3 maps: Resistance, Village, Underground and Dome. Familiar territory, with unfamiliar enemies and challenges!

While it's certainly impressive and looks to be a great addition to MW3 I have to say Collection 3 'Chaos' is somewhat of a let down. How can I say that without playing the new D.L.C. yet? Well for me it's all about the multi-player maps, this drop doesn't include a single one. That sucks! We have to wait until Collection 4 'Final Assault' before we get any new multi-player maps. Unless of course you're a Premium Elite Member, then you already have a few new maps with more to come. Maybe someday I'll sign up.


I do enjoy the Special Ops missions and taking a break from online multi-player, but I rarely, if ever play 'Face Off'. The maps are decent enough, most are small to medium sized due to the style of game play with 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 It's meant to be played as an individual or with smaller teams for fast paced action, unfortunately it's become a booster and cheater paradise. Maybe it'll change, but for now it's just lobby after lobby of people wanting to pad their stats, or boost to achieve titles, emblems, perks, rank and everything else. It's sad too because the game mode has potential and could be a lot of fun. I've played all the 'Face Off' maps in private matches and have enjoyed them.

I'll still purchase Collection 3 'Chaos' and look forward to all the new Special Ops missions, and who knows maybe someday 'Face Off' will be a more playable game mode. All in all it's a good D.L.C. but far from great!