It's the fourth and final D.L.C. (downloadable content) for Call Of Duty: MW3 Get ready for Collection IV 'Final Assault' due to be released for Xbox 360 on (09-06-12) with Ps3 and P.C. to follow.

The new D.L.C. 'Final Assault' contains five all new multi-player maps: Gulch, Parish, Decommission, Offshore and Boardwalk. We finally get some more maps!

Don't get me wrong I do enjoy playing all the different modes like 'Special Ops' and 'Face Off ' but for me multiplayer is where it's at. I was disappointed in the latest D.L.C. Collection III 'Chaos' with it's lack of additional maps.

Infinity Ward the game developers of MW3 have more than made up for it with 'Final Assault'. Going out with a bang as we prepare for the release of the new Call Of Duty game Black Ops II I can't think of a better way to wrap up MW3 than with one last big drop of multi-player maps that will certainly keep us entertained until November. Take a look at what you can expect from Collection IV 'Final Assault'.