The C.I.D.I (Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion) an equality rights organization has started a major controversy with their latest L.G.B.T (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) P.S.A centered around the 2014 Winter Olympics. The new add features two male athletes on a luge track preparing for a run, so what's the problem? Well, if you know anything about luge before they take off down the track they move the luge back and forth in a thrusting motion to build starting momentum. Basically it looks sexual in nature.

The add is to raise awareness about Russia's treatment of gays and lesbians. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin the president of Russia has made clear that his country would enforce all laws regarding gays at the winter games in Sochi. This includes arresting and possible imprisonment for both athletes and fans who violate the law. Russia is very anti-gay and it's against the law for anyone, including foreigners to engage in any act viewed as homosexual. This includes same sex embraces and public displays of affection, pro gay signs, shirts or openly supporting the gay and lesbian community. You certainly can't be openly gay in Russia or you'll be locked up or worse!

The P.S.A. created by the CIDI is a slap to the face of Putin and Russian legislators who continue to prosecute and even persecute gays. This is a very serious issue and topic but the CIDI handle it in a hilarious fashion. The commercial was funny enough with the two guys on the luge, then they add in music, not just any music Human League 'Don't You Want Me'. The best part comes at the end, I don't want to ruin it for you so hit play!