Rush Springs Watermelon Festival
The second Saturday in August here is usually extremely hot. And it also means that the town of Rush Springs, Oklahoma has expanded its population from 1,800 to well over 20,000.
Fake Security Guard Causes Hilarious Problems at Comic-Con! [VIDEO]
Hilarity ensues as a fake security guard at Comic Con starts to harass fans and abuse his make believe authority! This guy is a pro and never breaks character, despite people getting upset and some looking as if they're gonna make a run for it. Surprisingly this guy pulling the prank doesn&apos…
Comic-Con 2013: Watch the Entire Marvel Panel Online
If you weren't able to attend Comic-Con 2013 this weekend (or if you were there and didn't make it to Hall H on Saturday), you can now view the entire Marvel panel online and catch everything you missed, including 'Thor: The Dark World,' 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,…

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