Independence Day Idiots [VIDEO]
There's nothing quite like the soft sizzling sounds of dead animal flesh on the grill, that intoxicating aroma of charcoal briquette smoke mixed with black and silver powder! Next to Christmas the Fourth Of July is my all time favorite holiday! God how I love blowing things up, cooking out on the gr…
Fireworks 101: Never Light an Artillery Shell Indoors! [VIDEO]
While I'm sure alcohol was involved, after all no sober, sane person thinks it's a good ideal to light an artillery shell in your garage with all the doors shut and locked. These guys get a lot more than they expected! For your safety and the safety of others follow fireworks 101 and don&a…
Area Ceremonies to Mark Memorial Day
It is a weekend of remembrance, to pay honor to those who have paid the ultimate price in defense of our country and our freedom. And while nearly 40 million Americans will be on the road this weekend, traveling 50 miles or further for the holiday, many more will chose to stay close to home...
Dear Momma…I HATE Alzheimer’s Disease! [VIDEO]
Dear Momma,
I realized today that when I laugh really hard, I always end with ‘Oh, goodness’. The amazing thing about that is that you always did it too.  It made me happy that I do things the way you did.
I wanted to write you this letter to let you know that I love you so …
Firefighters Deliver Christmas Cheer In Lawton
The spirit of Christmas is alive and well and living within the Lawton Firefighters Association. Recently, the LFA put together a program with area Walmart stores to bring holiday cheer to kids who will spending the Christmas season in the hospital.

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