A new survey has A LOT of Texans trying to get a work around to their favorite porn website.

Pornhub Is Still Blocked in Texas


If you attempt to visit Pornhub in Texas, you're greeted with this message. In case you're unaware, Texas has enacted a law to protect minors against porn. Back in the day, a porn website would ask if you're 18, you click yes or no. Texas now wants you to enter your driver's license number to prove you're 18 years old before accessing a porn website. Since this law has been enacted, Pornhub has banned access to all Texas users.

Texans Are Searching Frivolously for VPNs

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. In basic terms, you basically are tricking the internet to thinking you're somewhere else. You can change your location to Germany if you want to. I know a ton of people that use this for their Netflix. Certain shows are only allowed in certain countries. So they buy a VPN to get access to a whole new library of material. For folks here in Texas, they're using it for porn.

Protests In Bangkok As Thailand Blocks Pornhub
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Texas DOMINATES List for VPN Searches Since Pornhub Ban

Pornhub banned Texas users back on March 12th. Since then, Texans have been searching for VPN on Google and they're looking more than anyone else. According to Variety, these are the top cities in the country where people have been searching for VPNs since March 12th.

Cities Looking for VPNs Since Pornhub Ban in Texas

  1. Dallas
  2. Fort Worth
  3. Houston
  4. Austin
  5. Waco
  6. Temple
  7. Bryan
  8. San Antonio

Could be a coincidence that many Texans are looking for a VPN over the past week or so. We could also go with my theory that we have a lot of horny people that don't like their normal porn habits interrupted.

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Whatever you're doing to get through the Pornhub ban Texas. Don't worry, you will survive.

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