Austin likes to keep things weird and this is a truly one of a kind place in Texas.

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Above is a mechanical bull. You would not be shocked to see one of these at a bar here in Texas. What if I told you a place exists where instead of bull, you ride a giant d***?

Welcome to Slick Dick's Wild Ride in Austin, Texas

While scrolling through unique Texas experiences today, I discovered this place that has a giant mechanical d*** you can ride. Yes, this is 100% a real thing you can do. By the way, the d*** has a name and its Marvin. For $25 an hour, you get to experience the one of a kind d*** arcade. You get unlimited rides on Marvin, plus get to play Whack-A-D***.

Whack-A-Dick in Austin

That's right, the popular Whack-A-Mole game from your childhood is now a more naughty version. The venue also has karaoke and a stripper pole. What I am a huge fan of, they have a B.Y.O.B policy. So bring in some drinks and have a good time folks. Looks like a lot of ladies use this place for their bachelorette parties.

Of all things I would have guessed would have been in Texas. I was not prepared to see a d*** arcade for things to do. The establishment has a strict 18 and up policy. So don't worry, no kids will be playing Whack-A-D*** while you're enjoying your time there. If you're interested in more info, check out their website. Slick Dick's Wild Ride is located at 979 Springdale Road in Austin.

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