When I first heard rumors about a possible 'Evil Dead' remake I was skeptical to say the least. Then when it was confirmed and the news broke that Bruce Campbell wouldn't be in the film I was pissed! How can you have an 'Evil Dead' movie without Bruce, the original and only Ash? I've been following the progress of the new film closely, and I have an answer to the "what about Bruce" question.

This new 'Evil Dead' is in reality an all new movie that shares some, but not all of the 'Evil Dead' history. As a matter of fact this new film doesn't even have Ash, instead the main character is a female named Mia. The main story remains unchanged. A group of teenagers visit a remote cabin in the woods and find an old Sumerian text 'The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis' A.K.A 'The Book of the Dead'. By reading it's passages aloud they accidentally awaken an ancient evil that means to destroy them all.

Director Sam Raimi is finally making the movie he originally set out to make all those years ago. With recent advancements in special effects, CGI and makeup Mr. Raimi will have a much easier time of realistically bringing all the horror and gore to life, not to mention a much bigger budget. He's not directing this time but producing along with Mr. Campbell. The remake will be directed instead by Fede Alvarez and stars Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas, Lou Taylor Pucci and Elizabeth Blackmore.

The remake appears to blend elements from the first two films into one horrific gorefest! The new 'Evil Dead' is a true horror movie, with little to no comedy or slapstick unlike the other films. At first I wasn't a fan of what they were doing to the franchise, until I saw the trailer and listened to Bruce Campbell's comments from this year's Comic Con.


I was able to breath a little easier hearing the news that there would be an 'Evil Dead 4' with Bruce Campbell as Ash and that this wasn't the end, just the beginning. Several times during the presentation and Q&A Mr. Campbell revealed the plans to do one more movie! After hearing what he had to say about the remake and their approach to the project, plus his conformation of 'Evil Dead 4' I owe him an apology too!

Few films can boast the fan base, cult following and impact that 'The Evil Dead' trilogy has created. For me it's the greatest comedy, horror, blood soaked, gore infested franchise in the history of horror movies! It always tops my list of 'must watch' films especially around this time of year. It's just not Halloween without 'The Evil Dead'.

While there's plenty of great horror movie franchises to choose from: Friday the 13th, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and Hellraiser just to name a few. For me personally there's only one king and that's 'The Evil Dead'. Hail to the king baby!

Being a big fan of both the movies and Bruce Campbell I've been anxiously awaiting more details of the remake or reboot of 'The Evil Dead'. We finally have our first look at what we can expect Spring 2013 in theaters (04-12-13) They just released an official trailer for the new film today. This looks to be one hell of a movie, check it out!