The day is here. The day Grand Theft Auto V hits the shelves and we kiss our social lives goodbye.

I've barely scratched the surface of this game and by that I mean there isn't even a mark on it yet. None the less fun times were had and if you're still on the fence of getting GTA V then allow me to guide you alleviate those doubts.

Right off the bat you are thrown into the action, you're not getting off of a plane or a boat and driving somewhere afterwards such as the previous titles. You are smack in the middle of a heist nine years prior to the games events.

This little tutorial is where it shows off the new character switch option and how it can benefit you in missions. The action has made great improvements implementing a much improved cover system and a run-and-gun action.

What feels the most improved are the vehicle mechanics. GTA IV felt as stiff as the claustrophobic streets of Liberty City. Vehicles turn and maneuver far more easier than the series predecessor.

Now of the three main characters I only have control of two of them at this point; Franklin and Michael. Each character has different unique abilities they can use during their criminal activities in the thriving city of Los Santos.

Franklin has the ability to drive in slow-motion which comes in handy trying to squeeze through tight areas, however after some goofing around you can access this ability with any character simply by opening the radio wheel in vehicles. Does the same thing and won't drain you're meter, only difference is having to deal with icons on the screen.

Michael has the ability to move in slow motion, allowing you to get the a more precise aim and take down enemies faster.

Now again I haven't played with Trevor since the intro mission and at that point his special ability wasn't available.

Now as for the City of Los Santos itself, it certainly feels more vibrant and alive. On foot the city undoubtedly does look and feel bigger than . However comparing the size of the two cities Los Santos is slightly smaller than Liberty City in terms of drive-ability.

As far as the most controversial stuff goes I haven't really dived much into that part of GTA. The only one I've really got into was the strip club. That little instance alone is what will have you wonder how Rockstar managed to get GTA V a 'Mature' rating rather than 'Adult Only.' There is sure to be much more scenes and moments that will cause controversy, just have to wait and see.

Cops are a little more fierce in this installment. Rockstar has gone from a general area to escape from and not get caught to a 'cone of vision' system. It sounds easier than the previous system, but don't count it out.

They make up for it for having more cops show up to patrol the general you are in. You can hide in the area and actually get away if not caught, but the higher the rating the tougher it is to hide, you're best bet at that point would be a stand-off or just run for it.

The highest I've gone so far is three stars and the cops did everything in their power to run me off the road and box me in. I actually had to ditch the car, switch to a new one and then later had to get out of that one because I got ran off into a ditch. Then I had to proceed on foot, running a couple city blocks with a helicopter on the way. I then stumbled upon a secluded alley and kept to the shadows to avoid the patrol helicopter surveying the area just to escape.

Pedestrians act out more in this in and some don't even play around. I gone from stealing cars pointing a gun to the windshield, smashing the windshield causing the drive to panic and run. Those are just a couple of the responses you'll run into. Some are even more bold and daring.

While on a mission I had to find a new vehicle because mine got flipped over. So when I went to try to intimidate drivers by pointing my gun at the windshield I got two different reactions. One sped up and swerved to avoid me while the other went full speed ahead killing hurting me, but killing my partner in the process causing me to retry the mission.

Now for one of my favorite part about GTAV. The missions, it doesn't start out as just a new common street thug working their way up the ranks of the underworld. These characters already have some establishment in the crime world so the missions actually start in where they are currently at in the hierarchy of crime.

Overall, GTA V is beautiful, pretty and handles much better than GTA IV. WIth so much more to do and explore and the upcoming online mode set to launch Oct. 1., there is still much to see in the state of San Andreas.