Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA V King of the Hill Intro [VIDEO]
A group of gamers expertly recreate the into sequence to King of the Hill. Why? Why not! This is why GTA V is the greatest video game ever made! The game is endless, just one big sandbox that you can play and create in.
GTA V- The Stunt Lads Show! [VIDEO]
Check out the pilot for the all new "Stunt Lad Show." The guys over at Hat Films channel on YouTube have done an amazing job of recording, editing and putting this video together. There really is no better game in my opinion than GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) the possibilities for fun…
Grand Theft Auto Five – Heists Trailer [VIDEO]
Well worth the wait! Coming Tuesday, March 10th (03-10-15) GTA V (Grand Theft Auto Five) will finally release Heists for online! Looks like the members of TZG (Team-Z-Gaming) will have to reunite and meet up online for what's sure to be an a** kicking good time!
GTA V Goes First Person [VIDEO]
Using a modded Xbox 360, XBLToothPik decided to make Grand Theft Auto V into a first person game. The results are epic and are sure to give PC gamers some excellent mod ideas when they get their hands on the game this fall.
TEAM-Z-GAMING! and the GTA:V Chinese Fire Drill [VIDEO]
The real and true beauty of this game has to be the time wasting factor. TEAM-Z-GAMING! steps up the game with the first ever GTA:V Wanted Chinese Fire Drill!
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