May God have mercy on your soul, because we sure in the hell won't! Your worst nightmare has been realized, Kelso and I are now making gaming videos of our GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) exploits online with TEAM-Z-GAMING! on Xbox Live!

This past weekend the whole gang, or most of us anyway, were online for some Saturday night shenanigans on GTA V! We decided to break out the new Elgato capture card (BIG THANKS to Michelle for the hook up) and share our stupidity with you all - like it or not. This is only the beginning...

I love this game and the sandbox do-whatever-the-hell-you-want style game play it provides. More than half the time, actually more like all the time, we rarely play the game seriously. Instead we screw around and seek out ridiculous, often times incredibly stupid things to do. That's the best part, just hanging out with friends and fellow GTA V fans having a good time!

Kelso and I have spent hours on YouTube watching videos and thought "Why don't we start doing this and invite everyone along for the ride?" So we got to work and the results are below. We'll be doing weekly updates and posting new videos every week. We'll feature GTA V, Call Of Duty titles and other games we enjoy playing.

If you want in and would like to be a part of TEAM-Z-GAMING! we'll be hosting open lobbies and streaming games live right here on the site STARING YOU! You can get in on the action, or just watch all the dumbassery as it happens. Make sure you subscribe to Z94's official YouTube channel and TEAM-Z-GAMING! More details to come.

Now without any further ado we proudly present our first offering. Let us know what you think and what you'd like to see in the future! GTA V With TEAM-Z-GAMING! Let the Madness Begin!