A Florida hospital worker decided to do some shopping, nothing wrong with that- right? Wrong, cause she used a dead patient’s credit cards. What did she buy?

Margaret Nunn, 53, used to have a great job as a hospital registration representative, that is before she got caught red-handed by the cops after she spent dead man’s money on ton of stuff she really didn’t need.


The poor guy, 63, died at the emergency room and within hours Nunn got a hold of his credit cards information and decided to shop.

‘…hours after his death his three credit cards were used to purchase airline tickets, bridal shoes, pay phone bills and other assorted items totaling over $1186.00," Sarasota police said in a statement.

So she bought shoes, airline tickets, paid her cell phone bill – was it worth it Nunn? I don’t think so.

Apparently, Nunn wrote down the patient’s credit card information while she was processing his paper work. A hospital audit caught her a few days later and informed the cops. The hospital released a statement saying that this is an isolated incident.

She is currently held in jail on $10,000 bail.