stupid criminals

How to Lose a Courtcase in Under 30 Seconds [VIDEO]
Another brilliantly hilarious stupid criminals story! Not all criminals are stupid, but these 2 sure are. They were in Judge Judy's court and were being accused of stealing a woman's wallet. Well needless to say they didn't do themselves any favors by representing themselves!
Wife Exposes Husband Who Faked his Own Death
I hope somewhere in Hollywood some writer is paying attention to this story because it’s a soap opera script worthy. A NY man faked his own death, but got caught red-handed by his wife, who held a press conference to expose his fraud. What a payback!
Man Shoots Train in Bizarre Act of Revenge
After a train killed his friend, Mark Anthony Bruce decided the best way to seek revenge was, well, to try to kill a train himself.
To accomplish this ill-conceived vengeance, the 47-year old Tennessee man allegedly approached a train that was stopped on the railroad tracks near where his friend, a d…
Woman Attempts to Hire Hitman on Facebook [VIDEO]
We've all updated our Facebook and Twitter accounts with messages we've later regretted, but most of the time they're completely legal. Such wasn't the case for 20-year-old Eley London, a mother from Philadelphia who told Facebook she'd "pay a stack" for so…