Something strange is going on down in Georgia these days. The police is searching for a 34-year-old grandmother and her 22-year-old boyfriend after a toddler ate crack cocaine.

Ebony Daniel and Charlie Martin are wanted by the law on several charges including – possession of cocaine and cruelty to children. No one knows where the happy couple criminals are hiding. If you ask us they drove to Las Vegas to get married. Ebony’s boyfriend is now 22 and he can legally drink, on the other hand considering their charges I guess 'legal' really doesn’t mean much to them.

The toddler and his 17-year-old mother, Ebony’s daughter, were staying with Ebony for about a week. The baby was crawling on the floor one day when he discovered some crack cocaine casually left on the floor. The baby apparently ate some and became unresponsive and his mother took him to the ER, where he tested positive for drugs. The baby is feeling better and is back with his mother. The cops are considering Ebony’s teenage daughter a witness and not a suspect.

Which leaves us wondering where in the world could Ebony and Charlie be?