At SeaWorld trainer Ken Peters is performing with one of the theme park's now infamous Killer Whales, Katsaka. See the shocking video! While the story itself is not new the video however, is new and has been played in front of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The video now being made public shows Peters clearly frightened for his life all the while remaining physically calm. SeaWorld has been in ligtiation for the better part of a decade now by former trainers like Ken Peters saying the theme park put its employees into knowingly dangerous situations. Which I find to be a kind of an oxymoron considering the trainers, I would believe, be the experts of what is considered endangerment. The trainers are the ones with expert knowledge, right? I would never trust a dude in a suit who has never stepped foot into a tank with several creatures which are widely labeled as 'Killer' and that statement right there sets up the other half of the argument.

Um, dude, you are the one who decided who go swimming with a creature who has been on this planet far longer, in fact nearly 30 million-years longer, than us bi-pedular hairless monkeys. So let's kind reconstruct the whole scenario because unless we do that we cannot fully appreciate the situation. Pretend for a moment you are a happy, free as a lark, Orca, a.k.a. Killer Whale, swimming along in the big blue ocean looking for food. Maybe even playing around with some of your whale buddies.

Then from out of nowhere comes the 'highly superior' human being and snatches you our of the water. When you come to you find your self in what appears to be the open expanse you once knew but it is just an illusion. You are trapped in a section of heavens waiting ground called Orlando, Florida. Relegated to spend the rest of your whale days listening to loud music, kids screaming whining and crying, dripping their sticky ice cream into your water, and their parents screaming at you to splash them like some sort of natural born circus clown. Hmmmm, and we are surprised animals attack trainers when the get into their world?