If you are wondering what to do this weekend, you should defiantly get in your car and drive to Oklahoma City to watch some great films shown at the deadCenter film festival. This Saturday you can watch the world premiere of LoveTown, shot and produced in Oklahoma.

LoveTown is a modern-rock musical tale of dysfunctional bar singer who helps three strangers find their way back in love.

The husband and wife team who lives in Oklahoma - AJ Webster and Jay Webster - decided to produce a musical that features only original songs. AJ, singer/songwriter, played the lead in the movie and also wrote the music for LoveTown.

“We sat down to write some songs and before we knew it a story plot emerged before us,” AJ Webster said. ‘We wanted to keep the film very personal.’

AJ has a successful career as a singer, recently her music was featured on PBS, but working on LoveTown was her first time to write music for someone else beside herself.

‘Writing is probably my biggest passion – what’s really interesting is that before LoveTown I wrote songs for myself to record, and I have never experiment to write for someone else,’ AJ said. ‘I loved hearing other people sing songs I have written.’

The movie is shot in different parts in Oklahoma, with cast members also from Oklahoma who all have successful music careers – you probably have met some of them at gigs around our state!

You can see LoveTown on Saturday, June 9th at 1.45 p.m. at the Harkins Teather in Oklahoma City.

Check out lovetown movie trailer