It's credited as being the scariest video game ever made! Introducing 'Slender' by Parsec Productions. A first person horror game for P.C. that puts you in a dark forest near a campsite where you must collect eight pages or manuscripts that detail the identity and legend of the game's villain. The one and only Slender Man!

Slender Man is a 21st Century urban legend, an internet meme that got it's start back in 2009 on the Something Awful website and their now famous, or possibly infamous 'Photoshop Phriday'. A weekly contest where people submit Photoshopped pictures that center around a theme that's set by the site's administrators. This is where the story of Slender Man begins.

Something Awful held it's usual contest and the theme was 'Paranormal Pictures'. People submitted photos that were altered to include some form of paranormal entity, they were also instructed to pass the photos along to other sites as if they were real. The hoax worked! Here's some of the pictures that were used to create the myth of Slender Man.

Site user Victor Surge created a creepy black and white photo  that featured a group of kids with a dark ominous figure in the background. The figure was a tall, slender, faceless man with long appendages and dressed in a black suit. To further authenticate the photo and existence of 'Slender Man' Surge included false descriptions of the photos to make them seem legitimate. You can get all the details about Slender Man and check out other photos here.

Now that you know a little about the legend of Slender Man and his origin, check out 'Slender' the video game! While there's other horror themed games out there, few, if any deliver quite like this one! Parsec Productions have created a truly terrifying experience with all the suspense and heart pounding excitement that the genre's been missing. The game play and style is very basic and straight forward, even the graphics are somewhat elementary but 'Slender' still gives players a great time. The soundtrack and effects keep the game moving and really set the mood! It's not just scary it'll screw you up for life! Check out the review and game play from IGN (Imagine Games Network)


You can try it out for yourself FOR FREE! That's right the game's available directly from the developers for absolutely nothing. You can download 'Slender' right here! I'm hoping Parsec Productions continues their work and gets picked up by a major company and distributor to create a full length game for consoles and P.C.

The game's already incredibly popular and has spawned an all new viral trend. People are playing the game or show it to a friend who plays it and they record their reactions. Pretty funny stuff! There's videos of people screaming, crying and everything in between. There's nothing quite like seeing people sweating with nervousness and trying to keep their composure. Here's a montage of people, better yet victims of 'Slender'. Freaking hilarious!