The new PS4 (Playstation 4) will be released today, well technically tomorrow. A lot of stores will be doing Midnight releases so we're just hours away from the new console. While most people, especially game testers, gaming magazines, websites and industry insiders are putting the new system through it's paces, game testing and doing reviews YouTube's RatedRR performed the ultimate test. We all wanted to know "Could the new system take a .50 Cal round and keep going or not".

If you've never seen any of RatedRR's videos before he basically takes different items, normally the latest and greatest technologies and destroys them with high caliber firearms. What's not to love! The best part, he normally does this days before the much anticipated item is released to the public. I find it funny as hell, others get really pissed about it as evidenced by all the comments he gets on his YouTube channel. With that being said hit play and watch as the new PS4 is shot by a .50 Cal it's gun porn for sure!