Tinkerbell, The Duck Herding Pit Bull [VIDEO]
My great nephew Myles has a female pit bull named Tinkerbell. She is the sweetest dog and follows the boys everywhere. Myles recently turned 5 years old and for his birthday he wanted baby ducks! Yes, he asked for ducks for his birthday.
Kings Fan is Excited About Overtime, His Wife not so Much [VIDEO]
It's another great hockey video. This time the action takes place in the stands instead of on the ice. An excited L.A. Kings fan can't wait for overtime as his team takes on the Anaheim Ducks in a close game last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. His wife however could really c…
Police Officers Rescue Ducklings for Nervous Mother Duck
What would you do if you saw a duck pacing back and forth and quacking nervously? (We'd probably be really confused -- what's a duck doing in our living room??) Fortunately, the police and animal control officers in the video above were able to make sense out of the situation, and rescue a…