How Not to Pick Up Girls at the Beach [VIDEO]
One of the better what not to do videos on the net. We've seen plenty of instructional videos on how pick up women using smooth lines and there's a ton of prank videos out there where guys jokingly attempt to pick up chicks, but this one is easily one of the best!
Girls Picking Up Girls [VIDEO]
See what happens when a hot chick tries to pick up other hot chicks. Amazingly this girl has a lot of luck and manages to get a few numbers. Guys, we could learn a thing or too here.
‘SNL’ Gives Adam and Eve the ‘Girls’ Treatment
With Lena Dunham hosting the show, there was no way 'SNL' wasn't going to do some kind of 'Girls' parody. And with the recent release of 'Son of God' and the impending arrival of 'Noah,' there was no way the show wasn't going to take a shot at the recent biblical movie revival. So here we are, with …

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