gun safety

Gun Safety- Winchester SPX Trigger Safety Failure [VIDEO]
An important video that demonstrates the need to test all safeties and properly load, unload and test fire all firearms before use. Do this at the range for every firearm you purchase new or used, never take for granted that everything works or is in good condition!
Children and Handguns – A Recipe for Disaster?
I made a trip to our county sheriff's office today. I was applying for my carry permit. Not that I NEED to carry a gun, but I want that option because, well I guess, because I can. While I was waiting I heard a horrible story that had happened back in August in this quiet little town; A 9-year-…
Sex Toys and Firearms- A Serious Yet Funny Gun Safety PSA [VIDEO]
so what do firearms and sex toys have in common? You're about to find out! It's hard to imagine a funny gun safety video, after all it's a pretty serious subject. The creators wanted to stress the importance to keeping guns away from kids, but wanted to do it in a memorable and unique…