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Weekend Box Office Report: The Box Office Gets ‘Taken’
'Taken' was the surprise hit of 2009, a January dump that inexplicably made nearly $150 million in the United States and transformed Liam Neeson into an instant action star. Three years later, 'Taken 2' has arrived in theaters on a primo release date and with an advertising campaign that probably co…
Weekend Box Office Report: A Three-Way Tie With No Clear Winners
It's expected that box office numbers go up on Sunday afternoon. By that point, the estimates tend to be pretty accurate and if there is a difference come Monday morning, it's negligible. Not so today. Three new releases are nearly deadlocked as I write this and we won't know until sometime tomorrow…
‘The Avengers’ In Theaters Midnight Tonight! [VIDEO]
The wait is almost over! Tomorrow (05-04-12) 'The Avengers' will finally be in theaters! If like myself you're entirely too damn excited and couldn't possibly wait any longer to see the new film, you're in luck. Carmike Cinemas will have a special midnight showing tonight!

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