Bicyclists Finds Puppy on Bike Ride and Takes it Home [VIDEO]
WARNING: Cuteness overload! A bicyclist was out on a ride and found a puppy in a box abandoned on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. He took it home and helped find it a forever home. A good guy and I bet by the time someone steps forward to take the dog he'll rethink it and decide …
This Puppy Has a Potty Mouth! [VIDEO]
Dogs really are man's best friend. You'll never find a more loyal and loving companion. They're super smart, always happy to see you and can be taught all kinds of tricks. From sit, shake, roll over, play dead and speak. They can do it all, sometimes with attitude. Like this little pu…
What Were the Most Popular Puppy Names of 2014?
While "Awww" might be the perfect name for a puppy since that's the first word many people make when seeing one, it has yet to catch on. In fact, it seems like pet owners aren't changing at all when it comes to picking a name for their puppies.
14 Animals Dropping Winks
These animals know what's up. They know your secret. They know you're in on the joke. They know how to close their eyes one at a time. They know how to be adorable. They know how to wink.

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