Crazy Russian Military Rocket Fail [VIDEO]
This is one of the last things you would ever want to see when testing out a military rocket. What goes up, must go down! Those crazy Russians are at it again, thank God someone captured this fail on video for us all to enjoy. I don't speak Russian, but you really don't need a translator o…
Russian Man Vs. Kid’s Slide [VIDEO]
That's right, it's another crazy video with a Russian! I envision a day when Russians will eclipse the cat as the most popular thing on the interwebs, maybe that day will be sooner rather than later. There's a ton of videos of these crazy red S.O.B's and they just keep coming! I …
Real Life Russian Grand Theft Auto [VIDEO]
Without a doubt some of the craziest, most insane and bizarre videos on the web are coming from Russia these days. It's like the flood gates opened and every time you log on there's more and more videos of Russians doing stupid stuff, keep em' coming!

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