When Women Buy Condoms [VIDEO]
Another great video from the wickedly funny minds of CollegeHumor. It's said to be one of the most embarrassing things you can do with your clothes on, buying condoms. See what happens when a guy asks his girl to go in the store to buy some. The inter-monolog is hilarious!
The Most Painfully Awkward Movie Sex Scenes of All-Time
We're tired of these glamorized sex scenes in movies -- the truth is that sex is awkward and weird sometimes, and we love when movies get it right. There's nothing quite like a painfully awkward sex scene in a movie, whether it's played for laughs or for discomfort. We've collect…
7 Reasons to Have More Sex According to Science [VIDEO]
Good news, science has proven that having more sex is good for you! As if we needed more reasons to have sex. There's all kinds of benefits to the human body from having sex from exercise, burning calories, boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure and even relieving headaches! So th…
Two Hour Orgasm Sends Woman to the Hospital [VIDEO]
Whoever did this to this poor woman needs to hold classes, or at the very least publish a book! This guys man card has never been punched, ever! This guy and his wife were having relations, he gave her an orgasm that lasted two hours and landed her in the hospital.
Two Men Arrested for Having Sexual Relations with a Cow! [VIDEO]
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! This has to be one of the craziest news stories of the year, if not ever. Two men from Farmington, Conn. were arrested in New York for having sexual relations with a cow. I've been plenty bored in my life, but never so bored to think "Hey lets go…
Want to Have a Threesome for Valentine’s Day? [VIDEO]
This Valentine's Day are you thinking of doing something a little different, maybe a threesome? Or maybe you're all alone and don't have a Valentine this year, how sad. Are you still up for a threesome? The wrecking crew over at hit the streets with a hilarious V.D. prank as…

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