Giant Spider Busts Out of a Banana! [VIDEO]
WARNING: If you like eating bananas you might want to think twice about watching this, you'll never be the same again. From this day forward before I peel and eat a banana I'm going to smash the s**t out of it with a hammer just to make sure. My grab it and eat it days are over. Hell I&apo…
Spider Infested Apartment Will Give You the Creeps [VIDEO]
Nope! There's no way I'd stay in this apartment, not even for a minute! This place is literally crawling with spiders, it's completely infested with them. Maybe hundreds, thousands of spiders. I wouldn't hang around long enough to count, I'd be heading for the door!
World’s Biggest Spider Eats a Mouse [VIDEO]
There's really only four types of spiders I don't like. Big ones, small ones, live ones and dead ones. I'm an equal opportunist when it comes to spiders, I hate them all. But this is taking it to a whole new level, the stuff of nightmares. This is one big a** spider, the Goliath taran…
The Spider Dog Scare Prank [VIDEO]
With Halloween just around the turn it's time we all brushed up on our scare pranks. Of course you don't have to wait until October, anytime is a good time to scare the s**t out of people. Just make sure there's video of it or it never happened!
Amazingly Hilarious Footage of a Spider Yelling! [VIDEO]
Every now and then a video comes along that makes you laugh every time you see it. this is one of them, at least for me! I stumbled upon this video and I must have shown it to just about everyone I know. I've seen it repeatedly and it never fails to make me laugh!

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